Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Austin Montessori School Mission Statement

The mission of Austin Montessori School is to guide the intellectual and character development of each child along a path towards his full and unknown potential.  We strive to cultivate compassion and respect, independence and belonging, and freedom and self-discipline, in rich academic and social environments that are designed for each plane of development and honor the complementary needs of the individual and the group.  We value an educational setting that is inclusive and recognizes the authentic nature of the child and nurtures a reverence for the organic order of the universe.

Through parent and staff education, we work to develop a school and family culture that preserves and protects a healthy childhood.  Our aim is to serve children possessing an ample range of temperaments and a variety of learning styles and rates. At the same time we seek to avoid pathologizing and labeling the normal range of children’s behaviors and differences in learning.  We are dedicated to Montessori’s mission of world peace through human development.

Austin Montessori School Objectives

  • To help each child develop and educate his own individuality so that he can strive toward his unknown potential.
  •  To enable the children to create a social structure among them that honors their contrasting needs as individuals and as a group and that makes their roles as individuals and as parts of the group complementary.
  • To guide each child along a path of development and education that is natural to him so that he may remain attuned to his own nature, nurture a reverence for the organic order of the universe, and become a whole and integrated human being who is both instrumental in his own growth and sensitive to the needs of all people.