L.I.F.E. Series: “Sharing and Taking Turns” – Thurs., Feb. 8

L.I.F.E. Series: “Sharing and Taking Turns: How, Why, and at What Age.”

Thursday, February 8  ~ 7:00-9:00 pm

Hosted by Heartsong Community, 5008 Sunset Trail

The word “sharing” is derived from a Germanic origin which means “to divide.” As adults we share consciously and unconsciously: it is part of the realities of being a human being living in community, in a society with others. As parents, we want our children to reach a point arrival of authentic sharing from their core: their hearts, minds, and spirits.

In this L.I.F.E. Series presentation, Jinny Gonzalez (Early Childhood Coordinator) and Jamie Stone (Early Elementary Guide) will address:

  • The developmental needs of children in the first and second planes of development.
  • How Montessori classrooms foster the deep security and self-esteem required for a child to share authentically.
  • How the adults in a child’s life can support sharing and taking turns when a child is developmentally ready.
  • The language which supports children who desire to share, or not share.

Light refreshments will be shared at this presentation. Grandparents and other primary caregivers are warmly invited to attend.

If you have questions, please email SvetaP@austinmontessori.org