“Montessori Manners” ~ Wednesday, April 12

Montessori Manners: Grace and Courtesy of Home and School

Wednesday, April 12 from 7-8:30pm

Hosted by Magnolia Cottage, 5012 Sunset Trail

We are excited to invite all parents, caregivers, nannies, grandparents and AMS staff to our 6th and final presentation of our L.I.F.E series this school year, Montessori Manners:  Grace and Courtesy of Home and School. An original Donna Bryant Goertz presentation, it will be presented by Elizabeth Suggs (Children’s House Guide), Jessenia Giron (Children’s House Guide), Grae Baker (Head of School) and Sveta Pais (AMS Parent).  The gathering will be hosted by Magnolia Cottage.

Please join us for the discussion of the following questions:

  • How do we support the child to say please, thank you, and sorry in a way appropriate to his age? 
  • How do we help the child come to a natural expression of heartfelt good manners?