Helping Hands

The family of Belle Andrews is in need of our support.  Belle, a member of Laurel Cottage, has recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease and will be undergoing long term medical care.  To learn more and to visit Belle’s gofundme page, click here.
Note from Pam Andrews:  Belle and all of her friends do not know of this illness.  Belle, of course, understands that she falls a lot and that some things are harder for her than other children, but she has no idea it’s called a disease or what it is called or any details about anything formal around the way her body works.  She just understands that we are all different and that this is her body…
If you would like to help the Andrew’s family by bringing them a meal, sign up on Meal Train, click here. 
Note from AMS:  We ask that Belle’s illness not be shared with the children. We all want the very best for her – and this includes the right to her friendships as currently enjoyed.

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