Prospective Parents

Prospective parents interested in learning more about  Austin Montessori School and the Montessori approach are encouraged to attend a core series of three prospective parent presentations.  Attendance of these presentations is taken into consideration when offering placement.  These presentations may be attended in any order and are presented twice during the school year. These presentations are for adults only, but infants in arms are welcome to attend.

Montessori Philosophy

Join us in discovering the astonishing characteristics and power of the Absorbent Mind of the child under the age of six.  Learn how the Montessori classroom along with the prepared home environment can best support the sensitive periods of development unique to the child from birth-to-six years.

Social and Emotional Development

Children come into the world equipped with their own network of vital programming designed for survival.  Even the tiniest of infants have ways to communicate his or her needs. As children grow, they acquire an ever increasing skill set to allow them to engage with the world around them. What they lack in life experience, they make up for with a strong will and determination to not just survive but to thrive.  Parents and other adults living and working with young children will be better prepared to support this development through an understanding of what the young child’s true needs are and how they go about meeting them through engagement with both the physical world and the people with whom he shares his life.

At Home with Montessori

Considering the young child’s need for belonging, as well as his or her ever increasing capabilities and desire to contribute to family life requires careful reflection on the part of the adults.  Each family is unique, and although Montessori principles incorporate the child’s point of view along with the adult’s, every family makes its own choices about how to make their home inviting to all members.  Please join us as we explore some ways families may create a home in which all family members feel respected, supported and valued.